Treatise on Kabir

Raven Spirit:

I rarely meet such an amazing poet that I reblog him or her. Yes, an amazing poem. But this is an amazing poet with an expansive heart, huge I might say. Worthy of reading.

Originally posted on Wuji Seshat Nibada:


Are you looking for me?
I have stood by you, invisible
I am in the next seat
Of your golden heart, the shrine

Where all synagogues, cathedrals
Temples, favourite books, were
Waiting for you to recognize me
In everything, in everyone –

Are you looking for me?
I have died and been reborn in you
What is god? But the natural divinity
Cloaked in your beating heart

You have all fallen in love with a dream
And you all merge in the ocean that I am
A mirror so large the entire universe
Is encompassed in our gaze, our unity

Listen for our secret sound, the real sound
Which is inside of you, the one that thrills
The river that flows in you, also flows in me
Love, it does not grow in the marketplace

Nor in the bedroom, nor in the rise and fall of empires
It is as…

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5 thoughts on “Treatise on Kabir

  1. This truly is the most remarkable poem. I love every word. Thanks for this, I had not come upon it till now. Kabir, Rumi and Hafiz are such fantastic mystics. Their words are golden, and go straight to the soul of the reader.

Your words of response are greatly appreciated.

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