A Necessary Gogyohshi

A gogyohshi, there is more than one spelling for this word; is a five line poem with no other rules. A necessary gogyohshi is one that must be written as a means of dealing with my anger.

My anger is unhealthy for currently I seethe
It is in need of being put aside
The anger is indeed reasonable
I am knowledgable upon my subject
I should seek an expert before my final judgement

A shout out to Amy of Soul Dipper for always having the right (write) words at the right time. And also a shout out to Brian of WaystationOne for writing a marvelous post on not being a tourist! His words helped me go outside of myself.

7 thoughts on “A Necessary Gogyohshi

  1. I really like this form Liz–no rules! The other thing I like is one can sit down, such as you have with anger in mind, and write it out as it rolls from the mind and heart. Sometimes, that alone helps to dissipate and express the feelings better than anything else. Love to you! xoxo

  2. awww…thank you for the mention…i am sorry you are angry…and hope that what ever it is is remediable…anger is an emotion, neither good or bad…in many ways it is what we do with it when any emotion consumes us….peace to you

    • Brian, thank you. Your article was so important. Now it had nothing to do with anger. But, it was a beautiful and thoughtful piece and i allowed it to take me pout of myself. That was so helpful.

  3. Thanks for the link to Amy’s site. Wonderful to find a blog devoted to the positive. I’ll be back. I hope, as you placed the final period in your last sentence, that those feelings lifted off and flew away. As you soon will, my friend, in real time. Look down at the clouds for me!

    • Sherry. Many thanks. Actually, this anger and my willingness to trust my own intuition and then act upon it have been a real blessing. I am no longer angry. I have written a short piece for Raven’s Nest about it and I sill publish it when I have time. Kind of like a lesson.

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