NaHaiWriMo May 31st prompt … smell or taste.

The final prompt for the month of May is for me the most difficult. It is “smell or taste.” Some few years ago I stated that I would rather loose my left arm than loose my sense of smell. I was looking forward to a third career/hobby in natural perfumery. Smell is to me the most important sense. Ones sense of smell is tied to emotional memory among other things. I lost my sense of smell for the first time in 2010. Today greatly diminished my sense of smell is all too often non-existent, as a result of illness. I have become very angry about this. I realize that this is not a logical response … it non-the less is currently mine. Seasonal kigo mid-summer rain.

mid summer rain permeates the earth with freshness – for others

6 thoughts on “NaHaiWriMo May 31st prompt … smell or taste.

  1. Oh I hear you. Along with so many other things we share, I have no sense of smell, havent for a long time. I do love that scent of the earth when fresh rain first hits it. Takes me back to childhood the rare times I catch a whiff. I went to my doctor Tuesday on the west coast and I could smell how fresh the air is there – made me homesick.

  2. Smell triggers so many things in our memory–good and bad. I too love certain smells but I also like seeing, and I love, love, love hearing–my grandchildren laughing, someone saying ‘I love you’, the creek running below our house, music. I love music. Not being able to hear would be a great loss to me. Try to remember what you do have dear friend, because it is good. xox

    • Thank you Jeannie. You are always incredibly helpful. Standing in the shower this AM I forgave myself for becoming ill and forgave my husband for the part he played it. God gives me things to master … I have known for about 6 months that illness is attempting to teach me something … this came to me in 2009.

  3. I can not imagine losing any of my senses — and pray I do not … if I had to choose one to lose it would be soooo difficult … at this point, I think, the last though I would want to lose is sight …

    Sending you blessings ~~ 😀

  4. Oh, a sense of smell is valued for many things and I sympathize with your loss. The ideal may be to roll with these things – and it’s certainly better for our health and peace-of-mind – but it’s hard to do. We use our sense of semll for cooking and for enjoying the food we prepare. We appreciate the scents of toiletries and the wonderful scent of the earth after rain. Our sense of smell may even warn of us danger. I so share your sense of loss, feel for your anger. Hang tough, Liz.


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