Father’s Day Haiga

I adored my father as he adored me.  Sadly at 6 years of age this came to an abrupt halt.  AND I made many poor choices in the first 27 years of life as a result.  At the late age of about 63 or so due to a spiritual experience and several years after his death, I re-captured that love miraculously and bathed in it for about 3 months.  Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there.



Photo from my father’s WWII album – B-17s on their way to Germany.

10 thoughts on “Father’s Day Haiga

  1. Oh this really makes one think. My uncle was in World War 2. I adored him, he was my Ideal Man. I love “so much love given after your death”. Lovely. I am thinking today of all the young fathers who came back from Iraq or Afghanistan broken in mind or body. May they find peace and heal in the love of their wives and children.

  2. War is literally hell. It should not exist … and is generally started with evil behind it hurting so many innocent people who are left to fend for themselves.

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