Hyperbole … haiku/haiga prompt.

Forgive me for complaining but I am really sick of coughing so explosively and not knowing why it is happening. When it causes you to take a nasty fall out of bed then you hate it even more. Tomorrow a new doctor – maybe he will have an answer. The hyperbole is expressed through the photo adjustment via Photoshop Elements 6.

22 thoughts on “Hyperbole … haiku/haiga prompt.

  1. Goodness, my friend, that sounds TERRIBLE! I hope that isnt your poor face up there all bruised. Good grief. I hope the doctor can figure out what the HECK is going on and has some answers! Keep me posted.

  2. aloha Raven. yeah, not fun. good to make use of life even when it is hard. more power to you and in more fun ways too.

    a different issue:
    just so you will know; I found where you had visited my blog and left two comments. maybe you already know about this issue and have been able to get it fixed – on the chance that you don’t, here is what i found:

    your comments went into my spam bin. this happened to me regularly a few months back with comments I left on other blogs. I was able to get it corrected by asking WP to help. I gave them some info on where it occurred and they were able to change something. it has not happened again since for me. I do not know why it started.

    if you have figured this out cool and nothing more to do. if not you might follow up on it, I was unaware you had even been there until I spotted your name in that bin.

    I took your comments out of the spam bin by going into it and clicking the right buttons. so they are not in my spam bin now.

    would that your new doctor can as easily fix the coughing. cool on your photoshop work. aloha

    • Rick … thank you. Others have said this recently to me also. However, I think it was upon my other blog. Once I am less discombobulated I shall loll into it. This is helpful.

  3. Oh my word! That was a nasty spill you took! Have you seen this new doctor yet? You need some relief desperately Liz. Big hugs sent to you my friend! xoxo

  4. Oh dear one … I hope the new doctor is more informative than in the past. Have you considered working with a holistic practitioner as well? Or some “energy clearing”? Keeping you in love, Light and healing prayers!! xox

    • Thank you Becca, so much. Yes, I have long used holistic methods. No I have not done energy cleansing. I used to smudge, but cannot breath it in today. However, it comes in a bottle, perhaps I should get the spray. I have been getting acupuncture.

  5. ugh that does not sound good at all…i hope the new doc can give you some answers….thanks for the intel as well on the sinus infection…its been a beast but going away…and still seeing a doc on tues to make sure…

    • Yes, new Dr. was “young” no more of the old geezers that I used to work with. It’s time. Ah yes … today is a much better day. I am grateful. Be well my friend.

  6. Oh, that’s not a good situation, Raven. Plus, there has to be some help with your breathing. Your bod doesn’t need that labour. Your comment of June 23 is a bit more positive, thank goodness. What a scare, Raven. I’ll meditate some healing for you tomorrow morning.

    • Amy … I am better. As a healer, I have always had to figure out my own issues (that needed healing or medicine for that matter). I have just been given a new diagnosis. I was sent home with meds, asked what I ate and drank. Spent the next two weeks unable to breath. I am an old respiratory therapist so this was difficult and unmanageable. Coming to find out it is probably all stomach related and I am simply changing my life around and I am SO SO SO much better. And I WILL go to the shore with my family on the 6th. I am determined! And last but not least with persons like you in my life … I shall get better. Thanks!

  7. I am glad to see your note to Amy saying you are doing so much better.

    I find that at the shore I breath better. Hope you will find the same.

    Persevere! … and I know you will.

    Many blessings, dear Liz.


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