Sunday Trees June 24th …

are you a tree hugger one of those who can’t stop talking about trees

i used to be a real tree hugger releasing a days bad energy down the trunk into the earth

those were healthy days for me for it worked
i was around much illness then working with those dying so sadly

dying so horrifically from aids
i needed that tree during my lunch hour hugged it and let it all go

i love trees often i can relate to each tree that i see knowing its importance
this is in great part what is wrong with urban america

we are no longer close in proximity to nature or trees
we have cut too many down and are resultantly ungrounded uprooted

i am going back to my trees
i am going back to my birds

they will make me well again
i will be able to breath again

This is a naturally upended stump in the forest at Lake Wasatch in Indiana, a lovely place that we go with the family the weekend after Labor Day Weekend.

8 thoughts on “Sunday Trees June 24th …

  1. Liz,I love trees and my garden. I seek to escape from townlife, to the hills and forested areas no far from my home.I hate how gardens are dug up and paved over to provide car parking spaces, or simply because people can no longer be bothered….Man has abused the earth so much. Nice to find your writing again Liz.Happy Sunday,Eileen

  2. Truly. I find great comfort walking among trees in a park or reserve. Something about their presence gives such peace. The older the trees, the more character, the more they seem to give off this feeling of quiet watching wisdom that calms one's mind to be near them. Upon them, birds know their place and sing as if in celebration and appreciation.

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