Magpie Tales … #124

Ophelia by Odilon Redon prompt from Magpie Tales

i see the round watery world woman’s peaceful world of ophelia
the greatest form in this world is ophelia breathing life into all that is about her

how different from our own world a picture of shrinkage shorelines treelines
a world daily destroyed by man who does not care for anything but money

ophelia gives life to the plants and flowers through her breath
she casts a heavenly net over the earth as she fuses heaven and earth one spiritual entity

mans world is one of starvation death an assured system of suffering
the net cast by man is a fortress against the spirit turning earth upon its head

ophelia eyes closed has created a world of beauty expending her life energy
man with his eyes open has expended his energy on war death waste evil

20 thoughts on “Magpie Tales … #124

  1. Liz,You have most rightly spoken of the contrasts between the world of Ophelia and the world we live in. Preservation of life and a respect for nature is evident from the painting. Sadly the world we inhabit is failing due to the uncaring respect man has nurtured over many years. No wonder there is a seasonal upset….Love your Blog banner Liz:)Eileen

  2. hey there…have fun at the OBX…we love going there….there is a monster truck garage there too that my boys like to go to and see the big machines as a break from the beach…

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