Haiku for Magpie Tales # 128.

I have been away and not writing, keeping my hand in the game by reading some of my favorite poets here upon the Internet.  Sometimes I get caught up in the cycle of writing … reading, reading, reading and writing.  Even though it is a definite cycle, it often feels incomplete and unrewarding because one feels stressed and pressed to get around to everyone.  However, while away, treating myself to “no writing” I was able to read and digest with leisure.  Of course that old guilt crept in because I was not doing my one haiku a day.  however a walk to the ocean quickly washed that away.

Image by Zelko Nedic – poetry prompt at Magpie Tales.

Today at Magpie Tales we are inspired by what appears to be a faithful “Black Lab.”  The Lab looks on intently at whom I presume to be his master, nearby a potted plant empty of its leaves.  The dog’s master is a working man.  There are above the man’s head what appear to be two ghostly hands creating a halo of light.  There are words ( “HANDS WE WILL” ) written on the background barely discernible and words written upon the masters apron, unreadable.  The dog is waiting upon his master who looks intently into the dog’s eyes.  I know nothing of this painting, but flowing from it is a sense of goodness, a sense of trust and waiting.

I chose today to write three haiku, unrelated, each a different take upon the painting.  Currently most of this country is experiencing a deep drought. We are no different here in St. Louis.  We are however experiencing a gentle rain; oh how I hope that it lasts.  For those unfamiliar with haiku, something I have been studying this past year, I do not write 5 – 7 – 5 haiku.  I attempt to always use a “kigo” or seasonal word.  In the following haiku the seasonal words (all summer kigo) are: 1 = drought, 2 = midsummer rain, 3 = midsummer darkness.

leafless plant deep drought – he walks with me

midsummer rain falling gently on the pavement – black dog

midsummer darkness – waiting patiently for his walk

Haiku associated with Magpie Tails # 128 found here.

33 thoughts on “Haiku for Magpie Tales # 128.

  1. we could def use the rain….i like that even in the conditions of drought or otherwise, he is there with you…there is reassurance in that…smiles…and look forward to your writing when ever it comes…smiles.

  2. I love your connection to natural elements and also the connection of mutual love between the dog and the human. A wonderful write, Raven. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you Linda. Many modern haiku are not connected to nature. And I tend to love the classic (especially in haiku). I am a dog lover from way back, so that connection between master and dog came very easily. Thanks so much.

  3. Beautifully done and you have a gift fro bringing in nature. A good analysis of the painting as well. I have the sense that there is a good connection between the man and the dog too.

    Welcome home, Liz. Will you share some of the photographs from your vacations?

    Hey, and no guilt. This is supposed to be fun for us. 🙂

    Hugs! and thanks for all your visits and kind words.

    • Jamie art history was my passion once so very long ago. My visits to you always bring me much warmth. And I thank you for the same. I hope this finds you well.

      Are you on Facebook? I do stream many photos into albums there. Thanks took for the welcome home. Hugs back, my friend.

  4. leafless plant deep drought – he walks with me … This is about a spiritual dryness, realizing that God is with you always even when you don’t feel it.

    midsummer rain falling gently on the pavement – black dog … This is the black dog symbolizing death. The gently falling rain, a human life approaching the pavement (death).

    midsummer darkness – waiting patiently for his walk … The darkness is personified, a reaper waiting to take his walk and claim a life. Or perhaps an evil force waiting patiently for his turn to rip a human to shreds with torment and temptation.

    • Flipside … I deeply appreciate your spiritual analysis, however incorrect it may be. Each of these separate haiku is a reflection upon and response to the painting, most especially the relationship between dog and master. There is nothing more to it … something that I can say with great ease … having a rather long history and ongoing spiritual relationship with myself, God and the universe. But, thank you.

  5. You picked out some detail I hadn’t even noticed. Thanks for that! And I love all three… so glad you’re back!

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