The Mag – 137

It Must Be Time For Lunch Now, 1979 – Francesca Woodman


not here
not now
it’s a constant failing
of mine
i have tried suicide
it was my last
big attempt
i wished for success
just this once
it didn’t work
i kept tripping
over the silverware
mason was
coming for lunch
the need to impress
was great
so much
so many patterns
forks kept falling
knives clanging
to the floor
soup spoon
desert spoon
i no longer
know where
to begin
life has become
too much
i would jump
5th floor walk up
14th and park
out the window
the shade fell
catching me
i slipped to the floor
failed again
covered in

Sometimes, being silly is an absolute necessity!
Thank you Tessa for another wonderful prompt at The Mag

19 thoughts on “The Mag – 137

  1. Wow aren’t you a creative soul. And why is it I can imagine the darn silverware being the failings?
    Excellent–I loved the line about the shade falling and catching me. Brilliant!

    • Mel, thanks. I can ponder words for hours and not write anything I wish to write. Then other times I have nothing to say and just write. Sometimes those words turn out better, grabbing you right away.

  2. ha….cant even get suicide right…but then again may be that is a good thing….would rather have spilled silverware than spilled people anyday…and all the proper forks and stuff…just give me one and a knife…maybe a spoon…or hey i can even use my hands…smiles…

    • Daydreamer, no, there is nothing good about suicide. You are right about that. But it is so very far from my own attempt (39 years) that for me it felt good to speak lightly of it. Which is by no means meant in any way to make light of another’s experiences that may still be painful.. Thank you for coming by, it is good to see you.

Your words of response are greatly appreciated.

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