24 thoughts on “Veterans Day

  1. Hi Liz,

    Indeed in the hurry burry of our lives, we do tend to miss out on giving back to our elders even a fraction of the time and compassion which they gave to us when we were children. The same holds true for those unknown veterans who gave up all pleasures to keep us safe and secure. Thank you for reminding.


    • Thank you Shakti for visiting. You are right … and we need to take the time to find the time. I think that the way the world goes today … perhaps we do not even look for time to honor others.

    • Mary thank you. This belated Thanksgiving time, I am thankful for you, your poetry and your dogs. I do not connect with too many. I read their work over and over really without moving on. Somehow for me that strengthens the link between us and then they (that person) becomes more important.

  2. an excellent way to give back….when i was in college i volunteered at a nursing home….these days i volunteer with kids….you would be surprised how much it means to have people in their lives….

    see you soon…smiles.

  3. Hi, Liz ~
    Just popping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving and let you know I appreciate your visits and comments, even when I disagree with you.

    Many blessings of the day to you and yours,

    • Jamie you are incredibly important to me. Of course we can agree to disagree. If I was heavy handed I apologize. Ha! In 1975-6 I wanted to go to Israel and contribute to the war effort by working in a hospital, I have long been rabid and was a Zionist … and not even a Jew. I think I wrote my comment when at the lowest point of sugar withdrawal. This Thanksgiving I am thankful for you. I have been gone and blessedly without WiFi or 3G. Otherwise you would have heard from me MUCH sooner. Funny on another article or two of yours, all I did was place a “like” and no comment. I think the subject was similar … this time though, physically (blood sugar wise) I was about to go through the roof. (((hugs))) and love, Liz

    • Thank you Brian. I too am very thankful for you. And your words really touched me. Thank you. I hope that your Thanksgiving was blessed and lots of fun. We went to a cabin in a place that I love and the kids joined us. I simply do not get to see enough of them.

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