Occupy Blogosphere Thursday – February 7th 2013

It isn’t just prayer that I have been giving considerable thought too lately. I have also been thinking about the word intention. It is a word bandied about a good bit in spiritual circles lately. So what is intention? Do you think about intention? How important is intention within your life? Does it underscore all that you do? Or is intention something to which you give little thought? If it is important, what do you do with it? How does it work within your life?

I find that intention carries great strength and great weight. I would go so far as to say that intention is everything. I find that the concept of intention is so powerful that it precedes prayer. I think that it may precede all that we do. I believe it to be so powerful that perhaps intention is prayer. Intention lives in the heart and spirit, or perhaps where the two meet. But it originates in the mind. I would ask is intention the seed of all thought that becomes manifest?

Intention is a popular subject now. My reading of intention is pretty much done on the Internet. There are numerous sites that are geared towards the human spirit. Accessing information can come at great expense but it need not. I often wonder when at a site, what is the intention here? Is it to share great knowledge or is it to make gobs of money? When spirituality becomes slick, well it is no longer spiritual is it? And money can make it very slick. I said can, I did not say does. I am a great believer in “a days work, a days pay.” As intention lives within the heart, one ought know intuitively when one runs across slick spirituality. I studied and practice shamanism. I did this with an authentic shaman and twice I paid about $150. No, I took no $10,000 cruise to any exotic land for my studies. Long after my studies I went to Machu Picchu as a tourist. I did spend a morning at Machu Picchu doing ceremony with a Peruvian shaman at a small extra cost. I have a tendency to believe that spirituality and healing should not come with a hefty price tag. As I said I believe in a days work, a days pay, but not extortion.

I have never been allowed a teacher or guru or any other prophet like person to guide me. I say this because when young in my journey I would ask for one. I have always had to learn everything on my own. This makes for serious self dependence and even more serious intention.

I will share a story of intention. I have said something for a very long time, something that has offended a few as if it were directed at them, when in reality I was speaking only of myself. I used to speak of my strength and my will when it came to this conversation. This morning I realized that my will and strength had less to do with it than intention.

I come from a long heritage of mental illness. Within my immediate family there were two persons who were/are bipolar, one who is a sociopath and one who was so deeply depressed that he went to bed around his 82nd year, stopped speaking and never got up again. He lived like this for 7 years. This is not about my childhood that needless to say was ghastly. No, this is about the formation very early on of intention. I knew at a young age that I had to escape this familial habit of mental illness. I also knew that it sat next to me always ready to knock upon my door. I knew that I also wanted no part of it … and I fought long and hard to that end. I used to think early on that it was my strength and my will. Today I know that it was my intention. The seeds were planted at a young age. But it was not until I came face to face with God that the whole seed of intention was planted. Since that time it has been nurtured assiduously.

So I will ask you the questions again. What place does intention play in your life? How important is intention? What does intention mean to you?

I love the following YouTube Video. I hope that you too enjoy it.

As always thanks to Soul Dipper for initiating Occupy Thursdays.

17 thoughts on “Occupy Blogosphere Thursday – February 7th 2013

  1. I would mostly agree with you on this; and this piece from your sacred space is quite good. There has been much too much written on intention. You’ve just written about all that needs to be said. Pleasant. Intention is – to me – just another way of saying “vision.” (I would say the same of “prayer” and “spell.”) Doubt is one kind of vision. So is fear. These intentions work in the negative. “Faith” and “certitude” are another kind of vision. They work in the positive. That would be about all I would add … that intention, prayer, and spell are ultimately about vision, possibility, unity with the God-head, however you might define the term.

    • Vision? I have never thought of that Jamie. And, I like it. When I think of vision as it is entwined with intention, I think that I see it growing from intention. And it is wider, bigger. One kind of vision you say. Perhaps like seeing through a lens.

      I also appreciate your words: “There has been too much written on intention.” That fits well with my feelings about “slick religious stuff.” I am not sure why but it just does. In many ways I agree, accept maybe when someone writes about it because it is new to the person. I like the ideas that say two very different things, I like them because they fold into one another well. 1st idea: “There is nothing new under the sun.” 2nd idea: “Everyone is unique.” Together I think of those sayings – and really, there is nothing that hasn’t been said before. But, if we are each as unique as snowflake – when someone says something about a subject (in earnest) and it is their view, well then it is new, right? Thank so much. I enjoyed your view.

  2. I agree intention lives in the heart and spirit. I have thought a lot about intention, but I am not sure it is the same kind of intention you are talking about. I think, for example, that my parents may not have made all of the right decisions in raising me…..but their INTENTIONS were good. Same with me and my daughters. I may not have always made the right decisions, but my intentions were always good.

    I agree that when spirituality becomes slick, it is no longer spiritual. Those tele-evangelists who live in big houses, have big cars, private planes, body guards, etc. to me are not spiritual. They use a message for their own gain…as I see it.

    I do hope that when God judges me He judges me not only by what I did but also what my true intentions were, whether I succeeded or failed in accomplishing my intentions.

    Interesting thoughts! Thank you.

    • Mary … I think that we are actually walking down the same railroad track, in speaking of intention. AND, I have no idea why I used that metaphor. I hear you saying that no matter what you actually did, your intentions were good. As were your own mothers. And I was really trying I think to speak of the power of intention. I think we are speaking of the same thing with different words from a different vantage point.

      When I come by and read your blog, your poetry, see your dogs … well, in terms of that judgement of which you speak; goodness emanates from your blog. Truly. Thank you Mary.

  3. i would honestly say the majority of people dont live with much or any intention…it is what makes me happy now….intention def takes discipline…and forethought, thinking of where you want to get to…we are talking about this right now with our senior government classes trying to prepare them for next year….

    • Brian you are wise for your age (ha, say tat as though I knew your age). That you are teaching this to your class is so wonderful to know. You prepare them for a future that many will go prepared for.

  4. Wow, kiddo, it’s a feast in here today. We have traveled a far way from our childhoods. Like Wolf and Raven, we created our own pathway out of the maze. Intention………always good. When I was younger, sometimes lacking in the execution, wiser now. I LOVED the video of Jim Carey – love his Being the Superbowl! That’s the way to be. One more star in the galaxy. This was a wonderful discussion to enjoy with my morning tea…..cool!

  5. That must have been a challenge, to carve out your life, away from a history to health challenges ~ I like to use the word affirmation or even prayer for my journey ~ There are many faiths in the world today, but I would like to hold on to my faith and religion, no matter how flawed and find my own spirituality within ~ It is still a journey I am undergoing ~

  6. i think there’s always intention underneath everything we do…means something is always driving us …means we do nothing without a reason… sometimes i think we don’t know really why we’re doing certain things… we’re unconscious of the reason but that doesn’t mean it’s not there… interesting journey of yours here…

  7. I’m of mixed feelings about ‘intention’. And given that I’m not certain what the ‘definition’ of it is–I’m even MORE mixed.
    I have a messed up thought process–I’d wager human beings are like that. IF I’m capable of being honest with me ( and even if ) there are times I’m when I’m not willing or limited in my ‘vision’ and I’d have to share that my ‘intentions’ aren’t pure.
    *hanging head* Yes, I know–fallible human being as I am, I can own that sometimes my intention is all about ME, MY and MINE. Sometimes I get it–sometimes notsomuch. Sometimes my intention is bourne of ignorance and having screwed up perceptions. I don’t always trust my ‘intentions’, as you can gather.
    What I intend can appear awesome–but what I end up with can be a fine mess that’s self created out of limited vision or the inability to be honest with me. At all times, I trust things have turned out exactly as they were suppose to turn out for all parties involved–but again, I don’t always like it or agree. LOL (yes…fallible, egocentric person here!)

    So…..mixed feelings and still trying to wade through my thought process on this one. That oughta scare everyone! LOL
    Growing up as I did, I think I could say my father had some good intentions. I’m also clear he had some very messed up, ego filled intentions that ended in loads of ickiness. Another fallible human being.
    All of my searching and asking and being open to receive tells me that ‘intention’ is a powerful thing that can hurt or heal by the actions of the ‘intending’. When my actions don’t match my intentions/purpose/mission/calling/created to be LOVE/etc, etc, etc…then I have a problem that I need to whittle away at. And as I human being, I can attest to ‘work harder and you can make it happen’ not always working….even though I’m darn sure I intended it TO work.
    But I tend to believe the intent of the universe/My Maker overrules mine if we’re not in agreement. Thank goodness for that! LOL
    Can ya TELL I’m still dissecting this one!

  8. Fascinating discussion… I love this post on intention..
    .I have sometimes felt I’ve just reeled from one disaster after another through a lot of my life, just re-acting to whatever hits me at the time, and getting up and trying to put the pieces together and make the best of it.
    If I examine it in the light of your thoughts, underneath there was an intention to keep going, whatever happened,.. that’s the first thought… now I must go deeper and see what else was going on!!!!

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