Monsieur …

This poetry prompt from dVerse to which this poem is linked is quite simply one of my all time favorites. I get to say a wee bit about one of my very favorite characters in life. Claudia thank you. You have brought to me great joy today. Funny, my next favorite person is one whom you also mention, Miss Marple. As I became older and Mummy and I went out into the country side, leaving London behind, we took a house three doors down from Jane. But that is a story for another time.


It is exactly as I remember it. Not surprisingly there isn’t a hanging thread or a torn carpet not even dust upon his desk.

The difference now is that two nurses are on duty at all times, each in perfectly starched uniforms without a hair out of place.

White Haven Mansions still the home to the world’s Greatest Detective, has a wonderful undulating surface that was very modern when it was first built.

I half expected to see Miss Lemon with the row of those perfect curls perhaps a bit grayed today. When the “Great Detective” was not looking Miss Lemon always gave me sweets.

She was savvy, smart, stylish, and kind to this little girl. Miss Lemon died years ago in a terrible burning car crash. This saddened many for a long while.

My thoughts bring to mind the Captain. He had a bright blue Bugatti. Mummy dined with Captain Hastings whenever she returned to London after the war.

We initially came to White Haven Mansions because of the murder, then all of those horrifying nightly threats. She sought the help of Monsieur’s “little gray cells.” I think that those little gray cells saved our lives.

Style has always been a bulwark against many great difficulties in my life. Style is the reason that I have made this last trip to London.

I use a walking stick today. Look closely and you will see the silver head upon it. This cane, for that is truly its use to me today is a replica of the one of whom I have come to say goodbye.

Forgive me, I reminisce, let us enter into the bedroom of Monsieur. His eyes are closed, yet he is perfectly dressed in navy silk bedclothes.

One thing that the nurses do for him daily is his mustache. They have caring hands. I appreciate this fact. There are now tears in my eyes, he was well loved and respected by many.

I only met Monsieur Hercule Poirot three times as a child. He had a great sense of perfection and style. He left a lasting impression upon me perhaps because he set the tone for my own style.

Saddened now, I am glad that I have come to pay my last respects. He doesn’t see me and wouldn’t remember me anyway. “Goodbye Monsieur.”

As I leave I see an old brown jacket hanging on the hall tree. I know very well that it is not Hercule Poirot’s jacket. Is it Japp’s? I remember hearing about the meal that Japp made Monsieur Poirot while Japp’s wife was away. I do believe that Japp and Poirot had somewhat different tastes in food. Never mind, Japp was a respected policemen and friend.


Photo Credit Monmatou – Gazette d’octobre

23 thoughts on “Monsieur …

  1. ha. how fascinating…i am sure mrs christie appreciates your nod to her great detective…i like how you incorporated all the other characters as well bringing them to life…i wondered for a second as well if you had actually met him…ha…suspension of disbelief…sad it was on the late hour of his departure this time as well…great use of detail in this raven…

    and great to see you as well…smiles.

    • Thank you Brian. To be honest I do feel as though I know each of the characters in each of these mysteries. Actually instead of watching American TV … I watch British TV, especially detective stories. I retreat into them when ill or stuck at home for whatever reason.

  2. ah raven, this was a treat…wonderful how you wove all the characters in and wasn’t he an awesome detective and agatha christie just amazingly talented in painting her characters… enjoyed this much and the hercule poirot cat made me laugh out good..smiles

    • Hi Claudia funny isn’t it how some authors are so good at what they do that the characters actually come alive for some of their readers. And kitty … yes, that was not intentional, but as I was on Photo Bucket looking for something specific that I was unable to find, kitty popped up.

    • I am so glad – to be honest I actually spend my time watching these on DVD. No, that is not true. I live in them (the DVDs) when I feel like watching TV. I feel as though I know each character intimately. I felt enough like I was really there while writing this that it brought tears to my eyes … how is that for melodrama?

  3. One thing that the nurses do for him daily is his mustache. They have caring hands. I appreciate this fact. There are now tears in my eyes, he was well loved and respected by many. — i like this verse a lot… i honestly not so familiar with the names so i did a li’l research… and wow… what great characters… but i think i like the character of Miss Marple a lot… Ms. Agatha is quite of superb & wise author to have created all these characters… she’s the real sleuth for sure… i adore novels / stories / movies that portrays sleuth stories as i was always amazed how a writer of such could think or imagine the scenes of solving crimes / mysteries in a very clever & least expected way… truly fascinating… thanks for introducing ’em to me… i am so glad & very pleased to meet ’em… smiles…

    • Kelvin, I would love to have met Ms. Christie. I feel as though I know some of her characters intimately for they are so real to me. Nearly each of these mysteries that star Detective Poirot is on DVD. I know that you would enjoy them. You are right Ms. Christie was quite the mystery writer, prolific and a woman with a fascinating mind. Good to see you.

    • Ravenblack I am so happy to see you. This has been an especially tough winter. As a result I have spent a lot of time with her characters on DVD. I like British film and TV characters much more than I do American characters. They are always so much more pleasant to accompany. We can have a drink together without ever fearing that someone is going to blow one away. :)))

  4. What a lovely post. Loved the fact also how you brought in that delightful Belgian detective into the scheme of things and how you interwove the characters in and out.

    What jumped out at me was dear Hercule’s moustache being bestowed on the cat. Sheer blasphemy I would say 🙂


  5. I love it when an author creates a character to which I feel keenly connected, as Ms. Christie seems to have done for you. If I was completely unfamiliar with Mr. Poirot, I would assume he was a real person and you had truly met. Quite convincing, and equally delightful!

    • Hi Kim. Thanks for coming by. Sometimes I wonder if I don’t become too close to characters in books. Books have always made a wonderful place of refuge. Thank you for the compliment. I have always desired to go far back in time (for me), probably to the very end of the 19th century or the beginning of the 20th, never quite figured out which. That said, I feel as though it is where I belong.

  6. You brought them to life, Raven. I had to shake myself out of thinking, “Oh no…monsieur died?” You hint on my blog that you haven’t been well. Or was it your comment in your earlier post that age and multitasking may not be mixing well. I grinned. I like to think we simply have a more effective means of managing the priority list.

    Love to you, dear woman. Hope you’ve been connected to Gin on Face Book. The photos make me want to be a 30 something cowgirl again! And that’s really saying something…I like maturity!

    • Sending love back. Miss you a good bit. Haven’t been in touch with Gin at all. Hope she is doing well in South America. I am feeling pretty good now and ever so grateful. (((hugs)))

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