Just For Fun

Fun … something that gives one pleasure and makes one smile … right? I do so love my animals. But this AM they were not fun at all as my two cats flew over my head in a mad screaming fight … twice. So here it is 6:12 AM and I am tired for they got me up at 3:53.

IMG_0508 He looks so docile, not!

Big Boy I have nothing good to say about him this AM.

Boy-Boy He went after her … below.

Itty-Bitty About one half his size.

Poetic Itty-Bitty Yes, these two flew over my head at 3:48 and 3:53 this AM.

It is the reason that I cannot write for Poet’s United at The Poetry Pantry

13 thoughts on “Just For Fun

  1. I can’t wait until we are once again cat owners… even though I am reminded of the occasional inconvenience here! There;s a “neighborhood cat,” owned by folks who adopted her, named “Rolfus,” no idea why. She is a SLUT for attention and everyone knows her name, even when we don’t know each other’s.

    The power of cats… Thanks for the pictures. I’m SO wanting to go to the shelter today, but must wait until after surgery. Thanks for the smiles, Amy

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