My Internet Super Heroes

I awoke this morning way too early! My mind whirling – looking at Sauce online – one of StL’s fantastic food magazines, and it really is good. Pretty much for the younger set – but loving reading about the new “Strange Donuts” by two young guys in Maplewood. Moving on I have had enough of donuts mainly because I don’t like them, but thought to myself that I would like a donut filled with corn pudding and with heavy bacon sprinkles. Yes, Strange Donuts ought to hold a donut contest – I would enter my corn-bacon donut into the contest.

Moved over to read Brian at Waystation One. Brian is one of my favorite poets online. He writes a lot about his wife and kids and crazy daily antics. He’s a really good guy and caring of the whole world. He is a teacher or councilor of kids I believe. Actually, I love his hair best – he has a Mohawk. He is an Internet Super Hero!

Then there is Sherry and her Pup. Not too often you meet an old wild woman from the Canadian Sky who spends her poet’s life caring for the world. Which she does daily. She is warm and loving and misses Pup above all else. Pup was her half wolf-dog with whom she spent much of her life. He is not in this world any longer. He is of this world just not in it and her pain is at times unbearable. She is an Internet Super Hero!

Then there is Becca, always kind, always a friend, even through the hardest of times. She is losing her mother right now. I feel for her. It is tough. Last year I learned 24 hours too late that she was at the Cathedral. The St Louis Cathedral Basilica is ½ block away from my home. She is an Internet Super Hero!

Then there is Jamie. Jamie is an intellectual and a journalist whose kindness to others actually outdoes her extraordinary writing ability. I read her daily too, just as I read those above and below. A number of people come to my mailbox daily. I am grateful for them. She is the first whom I read and receive much enjoyment and learning from. She is helpful and provides assistance with any writing questions or interests. She is an Internet Super Hero!

Then there is Mary. I have her book of poetry. Mary is real. Mary is loyal. Mary has the cutest little and I do mean tiny dogs you have ever seen. I want to meet those dogs. In reality I would like to meet each of my Internet Super Heroes. Wouldn’t it be fun if we all came together? I think so. She is an Internet Super Hero!

There is another and that is Laurie. I see her a good bit. At first I saw and now I recognize her Red Cardinal. She writes well. I am always pleased to see her, read her words, words that generally give one a lift. She emanates a lot of clear shining light. She is an Internet Super Hero.

I will mention one more super hero of mine. That is going too far. He is one of my favorite poets. C.K. Williams. Now, I don’t like comics, I don’t like The Wizard of Oz, I don’t like cartoons and I do not like Disney. I had always been a curmudgeon in that regard. But I do like my Internet Super Heroes. They are “daily” important to me, my Internet Super Heroes.

Then another – Claudia. How did I forget Claudia? What she does with words is inexplicable. Oh yes, she paints a smile upon my face daily. Which is good. Unless I am already smiling and then there appears upon my face 6 or 7 lopsided smiles due to Claudia’s poetry. Her words dangle in the air sometimes dropping to the sidewalk and they make it slippery but never dangerous. Gotta say, this is not my entire daily dose. These are the poets with whom I have been the longest – that is why they get Super Hero Status!

Over at Poetry Jam.

26 thoughts on “My Internet Super Heroes

  1. Wow, Liz, I was honored to be mentioned as one of your super heroes! Along with such great company! Yes, it really would be nice if we could all meet….but then again we DO “meet” here on a regular basis, which I know isn’t QUITE the same…..but it sure is nice! Ha, and I am working on a new book right now as I speak….I am so thankful for words AND thoughts of people like you. Have a great day!!

  2. smiles…i am honored as well to be in that group…made me smile this morning…and we have some similar heroes online, the friends that def enliven my day and keep my coming back for more…i second mary’s motion that we all have lunch together somewhere…my newest plan is that we get a charter boat and sail country to country picking everyone up…ha….smiles.

  3. I share your admiration of the superheroes you mentioned today. I have followed Sherry, Mary, Laurie and Brian for some time now … I grew up in Illinois right across the river from St. Louis .. my sister, childhood friends are there ++ so many precious memories!

  4. Oh I am so touched, Liz. I havent had ONE MINUTE to be online for days – it is a total zoo at Dogs R Us this week – but came in to “peek” this morning and what a lovely surprise I found. You are one of my heroes too, kiddo……….and one of my fave supporters. Bless you!

  5. What a wonderful tribute, you captured everyone’s wonderful qualities–especially loved your description of Claudia’s words–dangle in the air, making the sidewalk slippery but not dangerous Excellent way to play with the prompt 🙂 And I agree, they all deserve hero status!

  6. smiles…thanks for including me in your super hero list…smiles…- it’s so cool how we meet people in the online world and how we get to know them a bit through their poetry – that it one of the things that i’m so thankful for

  7. Nice of you to mention your super heroes, Liz — we all need heroes in our lives.

    I consider my Grandpa as my all time super hero. He passed on when I was 13 – great guy 🙂

    I do feature a monthly “blog pick” on the first Monday of the month – look out on Monday 5th August for my “super hero”.

    Peace and blessings,

  8. Ah, Eric, thanks for coming by and commenting. I love that your grand dad was your super hero. You know when I think about it, it is really the “people who care” who are my super heroes. I look forward to Aug. 5th … I should tell you that this old minds forgets.

  9. OMG, sweet one … I am trying to grasp few minutes here and there to catch up on my reading — I am humbled and honored to be included in your wonderful set of poets mentioned … blush blush blush!!! You are most kind, and such an encourager!! As I set up my post of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Louis for “Masterpiece”, I thought of our missing each other by a few hours. 😦

    Sending healing energies of love and light for you!! xoxo

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