there are times

there are times
in the dwindling
of the day
when I no longer
think of you
what your warmth
could be
don’t need
for I feel you
in my heart
shaped bones
for all times
feel you in
the curve of
my hand like
sending fire
down my spine
the light gone
bled out into
night softness
curls me now
how felt it is
a bit like leaves
on the move
without the wind
the single leaves
fondling air
one day I will
touch you
we will melt
and just
not be there

Placed at dVerse Poetry Pub OpenMikeNite.

24 thoughts on “there are times

  1. do you ever think they will just not be there…or will something of them still linger on in us…i am thinking of loss here and the memories do fade but still there alwasy seems to be a bit of them that will jump into our minds occassionally…love how you relate this to the leaf ma’am

  2. This is a beautiful poem, Liz. I think the most important place where love resides is within one’s heart….you don’t need to feel for the person, for you know the person is there IN your heart. I like ‘leaves on the move without the wind.’ And the ending was stellar…the melting and just not being there. Fine metaphoric writing.

      • I did post a pre-scheduled poem, but I still keep falling asleep and so have fallen behind in everything online and off. LOL! But am doing well and hope you are. I popped off an email yesterday . . .

        I’m so pleased to see you posting poetry again, Liz. Have missed it. Hugs! 🙂

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