Laura Star Rain

Sometimes I believe that there is an energy, or that there are some sort of threads in the universe that bring persons together in love even if for just moments. I wrote this poem for/about a woman within a fairly loose group of quite fine artists to which I belong, several years ago. She … her icon simply inspired the poem. We have never met. We were not even close. But circumstances made us close in a strange manner, but close none the less, perhaps as artists together. I never showed her this. Her Name is Laura mercer and she is on Facebook. We are connected and I am Liz Rice-Sosne on Facebook. I shall now for I have always felt that it WAS her. Initially I did this with all different sized fonts and letters dark and not so dark along with symbols. I cannot seem to do this here upon WP.

Laura Star Rain

She has dark moments …
She is one

… toying with her flames. Turning the knobs

This way and that … that way and this….off then on……………..


She is all about

color. She must have it.

It … fuels her.

Long flowing
Strokes of sensuous color … watery … rain from stars.

Snails in a galactic state of oceanity

Permutations of ??quarks?? born near

Water hamlets …

Badland flat rocks … for salamanders to dance upon.

Here is one of her whimsical and lovely paintings the sort of which inspired me.


Posted with glee and delight at Poetry Pantry # 164 over at Poets United.

12 thoughts on “Laura Star Rain

  1. Those kinds of connections are wonderful when they happen…..even if for only a short period of time. I am sure she would be honored that you wrote a poem about her!

  2. toying with her flames, turning the knobs this way and that…her love of color….its cool…i do think there are strings that connect us all…some in more ways than others and some we are just drawn to without ever really understanding why…or without even needing to…smiles….

  3. What glorious poetry she inspired, Liz…….I especially am struck by “snails in a galactic state of oceanity”. Wow. I live for internet connections these days – my true support group.

  4. Hi Liz,

    Reading your post transports me to Avatar’s world of Pandora and its connections to every living being. Incredible is it not that both you and me have posted on the same theme.

    What jumps out at me from your beautiful poem are these lines.

    “She is all about
    color. She must have it.
    It … fuels her.”

    Could it just be that the neural vibrations in our brains, as we experience passion, something which fuels each one of us, could synchronise into a sympathetic whole? Could this be what could connect us in ways which we are yet to comprehend.?

    Great post!


    • Oh my Shakti – these words flew ought of my head without thought or edit. And you know what? That might just be the neutral vibration (because these words were not thought out, or these words were not contaminated with human thinking. Yes, we are on the same wavelength. I have known this but not thought about it in my head. There is a whole group of us. Are we quietly weaving a web for loving change upon earth. I do not know. I loved your response – thank you!

  5. There are definitely threads of connection with those who otherwise seem unlikely — but nonetheless the threads are there, and amazingly strong.

    Wonderful connection and post! Thank you for sharing! xox

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