writing combat ptsd

at this table
this quiet place
where they write
this flat surface
where poetry
for the hungry ones
who wish to leave
their wars
where recidivism
is high
eyes are glazed
stares penetrating
nothing is
given away
not even longing
empty bodies
in a
they write

Copyright Liz Rice Sosne 09/30/2013
Dedicated to those veterans who saw combat and who were in my writing classes.

Placed at Imaginary Gardens With Real Toads for Open Link Monday.

17 thoughts on “writing combat ptsd

  1. Liz, I was very much moved by this. As one with long-standing PTSD (not from combat), I can see vets in art therapy around a table, trying to excise demons by writing them down, giving them voice, and setting them free. VERY strong write. Amy

  2. I generally cannot stand poems with short-short lines, but I think, given the subject matter and subjects, it works very well. It’s short, sharp lines for men who lived through short, sharp episodes.

    • This is a really interesting comment. Fist thank you. Then I have to tell you that I write a poem and often go back in and chop off all of the words that I deem unnecessary. Why do you dislike short lined poems?

      • Generally, I find that they are lined that way for no particular reason; it’s not to create pacing or create a sense of distractedness (which you have done here very nicely, indeed), but just to look a certain way rather than being done for a certain purpose.

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