So … when you write upon your blog you generally want to write something good or at least something that you perceive to be good. Don’t you? This has been a very busy day for me. I have no time to write, none at all. Victoria Slotto has a great prompt today for her fourth Wednesday prompt at The Bardo. Her delicious prompt is about using fabulous (my word) verbs instead of lazy (again, my word) ones. Kind of like, you do not want to say: “John went to the store.” Why say that when you could instead say: “John charged through the underbrush as he proceeded into town to the store.” Well, OK that is a bit over the top. And that might be the problem with my poem! I had time for great verbs, but no time to write a good poem. So here is to verbs! This is linked back to Victoria’s article “God Is A Verb” at The Bardo.

Good Verbs, Bad Poem

This guy was
He had
quite a hoax!
He had
coerce me
into backing
I was angered!
I chastised
I trashed his
in my next
I would
trample upon
At the polls
he would be
sliced and
I would
forge ahead
and conquer.
I would batter him.
would fashion
and model
my campaign to
hammer and
to flatten
I would
my next speech
to defeat him.
I would
utter words
to establish
myself as
I’d shellac him.
No one
would believe
the words
he uttered.
I was pulsating
with excitemnent.
I knew that
I would

would get
out of the kitchen.
with all of
dinner fixings
I would remove
myself up
to the attic.
Here I could
put together
the salad.
Then I could
dwell in peace,
luxuriate even.
I could forget
for a bit
that I needed
to avenge the

Later upon
opening my computer
I would excoriate
the phisher online.

Oh my this is so bad! But! Good verbs!

14 thoughts on “VERBS!

  1. ha. i have a few verbs in mind for phishers and spammers and those that think up viruses…i wish there was a way to get them back and turn their scam around on them….fun verb play liz…

  2. ha – good verbs indeed…. and you stayed well within the boundaries of good taste…ha… emotional subject….i surely had some verbs to add that my uncle used when his tractor didn’t run properly….you can imagine..smiles

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