Raven Realized

Big Boy

Yes, I did. I realized that I have made some really special friends here. Actually I realized this as I was commenting upon a poem (a great poem) of Claudia’s. I also realized that if I get busy and do not have time to write, but only read, some may worry about me. Thus it would not be fair to just kind of disappear into the sunset, read when I have the time and not write without saying something. So, this week I am preparing for someone to come back and look at the house a second time and perhaps buy it. If not, I won’t be terribly busy next week. But, if they wish to buy the house and if we wish to sell, well, then I shall be really, ready to buy. Well, you get my drift. I am 67, D is 60, we have 3 floors and now wish to live on one floor. We weren’t going to do this right away, but the opportunity presented itself. I believe that we have a house that will be hard to sell (no garage and no place to build one). We are old New Yorkers, so this never bothered us. But this is St Louis and it will bother others! So, my good friends, I am just fine, as I hope that you each are! I might visit but I shan’t write!




13 thoughts on “Raven Realized

  1. Good luck with the selling of your house. I hope that the people who come back to look at your house buy it & that you get your wish to be able to live on one level sooner rather than later. Will always be glad to see your words when you have time to write….be well.

  2. smiles… when i first started my blog i would’ve never ever dreamed how many wonderful people i would meet on the internet… and you’re surely one of them…. i do hope that you get your house sold and soon can live on one floor…makes life surely easier.. we live on three floors as well and yes, it’s a lot of upstairs and downstairs climbing

  3. I hope you can sell your house soon and find a place that you like and is convenient. Thank you for your visit to my blog. It will be nice to see your words when you get back to writing!

  4. Well, I live in one country and my heart is still in another… In the first I have the house designed by ourself next to the forest, in the second – renting the house with two floors and 16 mln people around. The first we tried to sell what was not possible and we decided to leave like it is.The second we don’t want to buy because of those 16 mln around. But I wish you to sell and to find another one where you can live with all your heart.
    Nothing in our lifes happens for nothing. The time comes for changes, good changes especially if you accept them. Good luck!

  5. Liz, good luck with the sale! Three floors. Yikes. I don’t think I could deal with that anymore eitehr.

    Love the pices. Your one cat looks just like our Gypsy … and great raven gif. I think of you everyday when I watch the ravens congregate acorss the street. We have scores of them and crows too.

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