Love …

This is shared with Poets United for their Mid Week Motif for which I have never written. I guess that I must think that it is time to mix it up a bit. That Motif is love. Love in fourteen lines.

I have been
in love
my man is
no not god like
I have been
lucky in love
for he has
all mine.

I realize that this is a poem of exceptional silliness. But love is not silly. It is something hard to come by. It is often something that comes only after significant personal change. The first time that I walked into love I was a very youthful nineteen. That rather dreadful experience lasted seven long years. I was sensible enough to know that if I wished for the real thing to grace my life I had a lot of changing to do. It took me five years, perhaps because I did it on my own with God’s help, but I did it. Today I have been married (wait, I must now count it) thirty two years. I am very lucky, I married my best friend of five years and we are still best friends. So a silly poem for a not so silly love.

15 thoughts on “Love …

  1. i have come through the dreadful experience and found the more divine…it takes work you know…love doesn’t just happen…infatuation does, but that will wear away in the face of love….

  2. Very bright and positive, like a song with its repetitions, one a lot of folks would like to dance to!
    Thank you for reading mine too and leaving such a lovely comment, talking about 1969 as the exact opposite of the love you show here.

  3. Liz, you say you were lucky in love; but I also say that it isn’t only luck, I am sure. First you have to find the right person, and then there is a bit of ‘work’ to do as years go on as well too. I think love takes commitment (as obviously you both have been) as well as a bit of ‘silliness.’ (Thinking of your poem.) Congratulations on your 32 years! Luck? Okay, if you say so. Smiles.

  4. The simplicity of your poem may be interpreted as silly but I think it is rather demonstrative of the straight forward simple truth of your love. Full and complete from the very start. Bravo! Sincerely Bravo!

    • Like others, I found this sweet rather than silly. The genuine delight in your beautiful relationship shines through.:)

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