Doorways …

I do love the simple metaphor of the doorway or for that matter the window. It can mean so much and yet something different to each who walks through one. For me it is an invitation to learn, a new beginning, a brave pathway, a chance for change, a new life, an escape and so much more. In life we shall pass through many doors. What do doorways mean to you? I would be very interested in knowing. Please share below. These are photos taken from our trip to China in 2006.

We are still in the process of moving. At the beginning of the process really as we look for a home. So I have little time to write. Anyway I have always enjoyed the photo essays of others.

A Poem in Photos

Through the arch
2006-03-31 20-18-492006-03-26 17-51-552006-04-06 03-02-342006-04-06 02-41-162006-03-31 20-25-032006-03-31 20-21-472006-03-31 20-32-28a2006-03-27 19-44-102006-03-31 20-24-252006-03-29 23-40-492006-03-31 20-21-58

14 thoughts on “Doorways …

  1. cool pics liz…doorways to me represent the community of home….open ones are inviting to enter in and take the journey…closed ones are opportunities missed….or a warning not to enter…not yet at least….

  2. The inherent human response of ‘curiosity’ ever drives us onward. Open or closed doorways are always a challenge. Or maybe its that light we see within each doorway…like another light we may have followed many times. Namaste

  3. GLORIOUS photos. What a trip that must have been. Good luck finding just the right place. I am back from Tuff City – came away with a deep feeling of Home there and a Knowing I will soon be back there. Yay!

  4. Indeed that is a poem in photos, Liz.

    What is so fascinating about doorways I wonder? Is it the promise of a new pathway they provide/ Or is the access to the mysteries within they hold?


  5. A beginning of a new exploration. I guess they are like border markers — beyond here is a new location, with new discoveries, or between in and out. I reckon finding a new place wouldn’t be the same without walking through some kind of doorway or gateway. Senses awaken a little more when stepping through a doorway, preparing to see what’s beyond or within.

  6. Very cool pics. red wolf is taking art/photos along with poetry. I would love too see one of your poems paired with one of these doorways. They would definitely beckon the theme of habitation. Trying to tempt you. 😉

    • Hey there – my friend, I book marked this (for the future). Thank you. I read today but I rarely write (not to worry). We are looking for a condo – one floor. Right now we have 3 floors and it is a real difficulty for my husband. So I guess we are home hunting and that takes up all my time. BUT – I am appreciative and grateful – hugs. I hope that all is well with you. 😉

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