We Are Moving!

Think of me.
I think of you.
No, this is not

I think of you
each daily
as I read
your words.

I comment
when there
is time.

We have found
a wonderful
condo – downtown
an artist loft space.

I do believe
we have
a contract
made last night.

Now there
just an

Then only the
move! The
planning, the calls
the bids.

Then we shall be
gone, somewhere,
but somewhere.

home anew.
I look forward
to being there.

Then Noh Where.
Where I shall
write again
and be with you.

I am so very excited. At my age many city dwellers move to the burbs. Granted we do live in the very nicest part of this city and have done so for 31 years. Now? We are moving downtown to an artist loft space. I love it! It is one huge room with 2 floor to ceiling exposed brick walls. A kitchen and bedroom and 2 bathrooms on the first floor (there was once a second bedroom on this floor – thus the second bathroom). Then the second floor has a bathroom and bedroom with a lovely deck off that bedroom. We have a contract and a closing date – now we must await an inspection … that is all. I m so excited!

29 thoughts on “We Are Moving!

  1. YAY! It sounds WONDERFUL! Will your office be in the loft? Will the dogs be okay? How exciting. Cant wait to see photos when you are all settled. Now am just waiting for MY move to happen. I feel it will be spring. I so hope.

  2. My wife and I are both artists. We’ve always wanted to live in a loft. I have been to many loft studios and loved them all. Congratulations, I hope that you will be very happy there. ~ Dennis

  3. I spent 15 years in a NOHO loft and loved it. Thanks for stopping by Lostpast and leaving your wonderful comments. I’ll be writing more about the Colony soon!. Good luck with the move. Good for you to be brave and take chances even as many calcify as they age!

    • And oh my we are calcifying! Thanks. I look forward to reading about the colony. I left home at 18 and really did not look back for many years. In Mummy’s youth she had means, grew up in Scarsdale and spent much time in the city. I am rather sure that the Colony had had its day when I moved to NYC with nothing, in 65-6. If memory serves, I used to walk by The Colony and simply wish that I could be a part of it. 😉

  4. oh that sounds wonderful… all the best for the move and i hope you enjoy the new space…i would love to live in the city.. berlin is a dream but… you never know..smiles

  5. What a wonderful move.. such a great place it sounds like… I would love sometimes to live in a city once more.. we have a wonderful house.. and downtown would be great.. but I would love to have a summer house too.. and then it’s too much money… hmm maybe one day.

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