Christmas Morning

there were only
two places,
first and last
it didn’t
matter now.

it was
Eve and time
for “The Night
Before Christmas.”

I was
so excited.
I was so very
happy but anxious.
Late that night
I became ill.

didn’t mind
a whit. I looked
Under the tree,
there they were.

Not just
a new pair of
skis but a
new pair of special
skis for me.
I was ten.

I went back
and I was sick
I threw up
my dinner, I
was so excited.

A new pair
of Kastle Skis
the best skis
Was there a
Santa Claus? No,
but it felt like it.

My dream
had come true.
When I raced
now maybe my
skis would
win for me.

I felt
so proud that
day. I felt
loved, it was
a great
day for me.

23 thoughts on “Christmas Morning

  1. so do you feel the same excitement with the new place…only like 3 weeks right?
    this made me smile….those totems…we have belief in them even beyond ourselves
    that they will make us better…make us feel good about ourselves…
    even beyond this though the feeling of being loved
    so important—

    • Brian – you are so “there” so “on target.” Yes, this is actually the reason that I wrote this piece. I am so doggoned excited I can’t stand it. You are cute to remember, I have the moving dates now 7,8, and 9. Closing is on the 4th. I do feel and know that I am loved. This move will be “home.” I live now in a beautiful part of town – in what I have always referred to as the second ugliest house in St Louis. Ha!

  2. Moving can feel as exciting as a child on Christmas morning…depending on the circumstances I guess. But wish you great happiness and peace In your new surroundings!

    • Thanks, Kim. When there is this much excitement – I guess that it must come out somewhere. I attempted to tamp down that excitement a wee bit by writing about childhood – it is so far away now.

  3. That kind of excitement is priceless. I don’t know that we can feel it in adulthood; but through your poem I went back into childhood again and I felt with you how it felt to receive those very special skiis!!

  4. I remember as a child being so excited I made myself sick and then missed the celebration! I love it that you got the skiis you wanted. I also love that you have Your New Home on your banner. How exciting is THAT??!! You will feel as “lofty” (excuse the pun) as a queen!

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