Seeing Red …

We are challenged today to really incorporate color into our poem. Whatever you see, whatever you write – really SEE it in color. This was fun. I just chose a few poet friends here on the Net and wrote bits about them, seeing them in the colors that they portray to me. This is at dVerse Poets Pub where the greatest poets in the world meet up for a drink and a few good words and “The Color Festival.”

A stitch here and
there, red thread
pulled. Red coat – rushing
to get her kids off to
school, Claudia – she stops
in the rain
looking down into the
puddle, a reflection
of her home
in red brick
rippling through
the water.
Little eddies
of swirling silver and
with hints of
the sun coming out,
become a froth of
many whites
almost a silver
in their

Sherry with her
Jasmine the color of
ginger putty
on a sunny day
the light is a deep
with the sparkle
of it’s sunshine
bouncing off
the glitter
in the bluest bay.
She sits
upon a log,
a paled wheat
bleached by the sun
with gray and black
She sits
white puff clouds
so high they fly
racing by.
She drinks her
dark rich brown coffee
from a warm olive-green
mug, as Jasmine plays
on the
pale bleed of pink sand.

Brian a hand
out to each child
bringing them
along, everyone in a
variant shade
of blue tee-shirt,
calmest ocean blue.
They head for the
park-bench on
a silvery
sunny day
where they will
sit down
for a picnic
beautiful wife and
tagging along
green like the
earth bringing
PB & J
of love
the color of nuts
tannish, brownish with
grape jam oozing
from the bread
made of
family love.

just that.
Grace comes in
many hues
I should think of her
painting by the
sea – palette filled
with every color.
Hair reddish
dress white
with a yellow
silver dangling from her
ears. A purple
ribbon in
her hair.

off quickly
down the street
pencil thin
a dark shirt
perhaps a gray
white cuffs
with red buttons.
The three
little ones behind
gray, white,
brown and black
a walk by the
brown leather
each little
one with
a red collar
one blue
and one green.

Bjorn stands
against a dark
scowl filled sky
gray-black clouds
across its dark
He stops briefly
in his burnt orange
blue jeans frayed
just long
to paint
with words the
angry waves
of green and purple.
While its
bubbly lemon froth
hisses spit
over the pier.
iPad in hand washed
over grabbed
by the angry water
a poem washed

29 thoughts on “Seeing Red …

  1. ha. this was so cool…love how you captured each and am honored to be listed among them as well….claudia makes sense in red as well…i will get the grape jelly out of the corner of my beard now as well…smiles…grace as the rainbow…mary with her dogs…bjorn, hope that poem doesnt wash too far away…and sherry, good peeps too, i can see her on that log…cool cool cool…smiles.

  2. Wow, Liz…you have characterized the color of many poems very well. I like that you have put my dogs in three different colors — one red, one blue, one green. My dogs would enjoy that, as they are each so different, and they would NOT want to have the same color collars!!! Always enjoy your poetry, Liz.

  3. Fascinating how you colored us with your words ~ you made me more interesting that I really am ~ Thanks Liz for such a personal approach ~ I think you are very imaginative woman, more orange & yellow, with a touch of red lipstick, smiles ~

    Thanks dear ~

    • Charles it was such an easy prompt. When I first read it I thought that I might find it difficult, but no. The only hard part wa that I had to end it without putting all for whom I care in my blog world into the poem.

  4. OH! MY! GOODNESS! How wonderful it was to come in here and find such a rich, loving TREAT of a poem, full of color and dearly loved friends………….at the end of a day full of heartache, this poem seeped over me like beach breezes, warmed like that mug of coffee, perfectly captured Bjorn in his mountains and Grace with her palette, Mary with her darling dogs, and Brian with his family………I so love this. And you, my friend.

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