I Am Sickened!

I am absolutely sickened by what has happened here in Missouri! To be precise, I am sickened by what has happened here in Ferguson, MO my neighbor to the north. Can someone please tell me why this primarily African American community has a primarily white police force? Can someone please tell me why this police force does not have or use Taser guns? This is grotesque. Has no one thought that this young African American male might have become a doctor and served his community in that capacity?

Why has it “apparently” become acceptable for a police department to gun down a young African American boy (I am sorry but at 18 you are a kid, a boy, a youth)? And since when did we do away with Right to Assemble peacefully laws? When did it become practice within communities for peaceful protestors to be confronted by police tanks or tactical vehicles, tear gas and rubber bullets? When was lawful, peaceful protest by citizenry meant to be met with a militarized show of police force? What sickening photos have come out of Ferguson Mo, my neighbor to the north. This no longer feels like a civilized country but a police state with African Americans being targeted as if they were a threat to that state.

6 thoughts on “I Am Sickened!

  1. i was shocked as well when i heard about it in the news… and brings images to mind of countries that are police states already and democracy is no longer possible… honestly, things like this frighten me

  2. I live near Oakland CA where black youth and the mentally ill are gunned down with some frequency. I could go on and on about this subject. I am not sure when we decided it was ok to kill–but we seem to tolerate it with a frequency that is beyond anything I can imagine

  3. it is stomach turning to think about what the state is of our country…pockets of our country…but then again it will surely spread as people watch…detroit is another one that is heartbreaking for me…

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