This is pretty tough isn’t it?  A shout out to all of those old friends may you be safe and healthy.  I know some who struggle, even without Covid-19.  You are heroic.  You have, amidst your struggle, given so much.  I am lucky to have a relationship with you.

I know that there are many here pounding away on your keyboards, getting it all out, putting it all in.  So much bravery.  So much stamina.  So many prayers.  Sharing love & hugs.

I am deeply moved by the tremendous good being spread around the world today and shared – so often coming from strangers.



Spring is here. Oh my, I just looked to insert a photo. Et quelle surprise, all of the photos that I ever put into this blog are still here – though lost to me thru faulty back ups on my appliances. What a treat!


Be wise like the raven.


Experience and feel the beauty all around you.


Be blessed by the warmth of the sun. Be safe & be well. Care for one another.

Love, Liz

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