Christmas Morning

there were only
two places,
first and last
it didn’t
matter now.

it was
Eve and time
for “The Night
Before Christmas.”

I was
so excited.
I was so very
happy but anxious.
Late that night
I became ill.

didn’t mind
a whit. I looked
Under the tree,
there they were.

Not just
a new pair of
skis but a
new pair of special
skis for me.
I was ten.

I went back
and I was sick
I threw up
my dinner, I
was so excited.

A new pair
of Kastle Skis
the best skis
Was there a
Santa Claus? No,
but it felt like it.

My dream
had come true.
When I raced
now maybe my
skis would
win for me.

I felt
so proud that
day. I felt
loved, it was
a great
day for me.


It will be here before you know it. The Christmas season means so many very different things to so very many people. I will add that much of it is not good. How could it be that the remembrance of the coming of the Christ Child could evoke in so many such bad feelings. I find that reality such a terribly sad thing. There is nothing sad about the Christ, nor about his remembrance, his birthday … the day we humans have decided is his birthday.

Maybe if we were to celebrate Christmas daily, yes, every day of the year then there would be no sadness about it. The whole concept would not hurt so many people. Oh, I know that it does. Yes, it does indeed. It is exclusionary, leaves many out, something often done with distain. Probably meant to hurt others. And yet everything about the “Good News” is just that … good. So why does the birth of Christ bring pain to so many? Oh, right! It is the human element. Yes, it is we humans who make Jesus a sad and miserable entity for so many. But how? How could that be? Are we Christians so incredibly stupid as to believe it is “our way” or the highway? I have seen in my day, seen so many Christians who actually wish to “pummel” Christ into people. My understanding of religions is that they were initially designed by God (before being bastardized by man) as languages given to the different cultures by God so that God and the culture could communicate. So what is there to fight about? Nothing! So if you celebrate this season with Christ … Merry Christmas! And if you celebrate this season as a Wiccan, as many do, blessed be! Let us all celebrate together, sharing the goodness and joy of the season.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to All

I owned a lovely boutique once long ago before I retired. The Christmas holiday was the time of year I most loved doing my front window. In it I placed a Hanukkah Menorah and a dreidel, a Christmas Tree, a creche, lots of teddy bears and a Kwanzaa Menorah. It was my way of wishing all good will.

David and I were sitting around the table a few weeks ago when he told me about a diversity training that his office had that day. It had been rather basic and somewhat patronizing. My husband could be the last person on earth to need diversity training. So why did you go? He wished to support the entire office. He did come home saying that: “If someone wishes me a Merry Christmas – I know their intent is one of good will and kindness – I am getting a bit sick of all of this political correctness.” David, like Jesus, is Jewish.

I grew up within the most beautiful setting for Christmas. Imagine if you can coming home from having been away at school for several months. You are on the last leg of the trip. You are coming down the hill into town and it is snowing really hard and really beautifully with that special silence that snowfall brings. You come through the forest then the landscape opens up and you see your fields as you look to the left and see the out-door Christmas tree twinkling in the snow. You know that you will go to Mass in the morning where a lot of things will be said in Latin. But you still sense the presence of Christmas. Your home is decorated beautifully and there are presents everywhere. There is peacefulness. You are fourteen and this feels good.

This Christmas season I am grateful for so much. I am grateful for the cadre of friends whom I have met in the poetry blogosphere – you know who you are. I am also grateful for the memories that I mentioned above.


Merry Christmas to all. I hope that this season blesses each and every one. Oh … and Happy New Year too.