Hyperbole … haiku/haiga prompt.

Forgive me for complaining but I am really sick of coughing so explosively and not knowing why it is happening. When it causes you to take a nasty fall out of bed then you hate it even more. Tomorrow a new doctor – maybe he will have an answer. The hyperbole is expressed through the photo adjustment via Photoshop Elements 6.

Father’s Day Haiga

I adored my father as he adored me.  Sadly at 6 years of age this came to an abrupt halt.  AND I made many poor choices in the first 27 years of life as a result.  At the late age of about 63 or so due to a spiritual experience and several years after his death, I re-captured that love miraculously and bathed in it for about 3 months.  Happy Father’s Day to all fathers out there.



Photo from my father’s WWII album – B-17s on their way to Germany.