Hyperbole … haiku/haiga prompt.

Forgive me for complaining but I am really sick of coughing so explosively and not knowing why it is happening. When it causes you to take a nasty fall out of bed then you hate it even more. Tomorrow a new doctor – maybe he will have an answer. The hyperbole is expressed through the photo adjustment via Photoshop Elements 6.

June 2nd … Haiga prompt: something not quite right … something off. There is something wrong.

Well, having nothing to do with the prompt, but because I love my Herons … here is the Black Crowned Night Heron … also in Forest Park.

David and I call him “Fat Boy” because he always looks so plump, just not in this photo.

So now, something seems off, not quite right … something that is wrong, immediately made me think of a series of photos that I took in Barranco, Lima, Peru. I saw this church decaying covered with vultures and thought it exotically bizarre … outrageous, oxymoronic, dark … unseemly. You get to think and feel whatever comes to mind. It did strike me as “something not quite right” and surely as a reflection of our society.


drought – hot dry season of the spirit

Haiga – June 1st … prompt regional bird.

I love these guys … and the same ones come year after year to Forest Park in St Louis, MO in late spring time or early summer. This is a Yellow Crested Night Heron. We have another that I call a “fatboy” simply because he is so plump looking … I think that he is called a Black Crested Night Heron. This one is more exotic looking.

south wind – heron’s muddy catch

NaHaiWriMo May 19th Haiga and Haiku prompt: Blue … as in chakra blue.

I love blue. In the summer I wear blues and whites. Many rooms in my home are painted a blue. My library below is blue … it is my favorite place to be. I always feel soothed here. One’s throat chakra is the color blue … one speaks from the throat chakra, hopefully with clarity and good intent. This chakra according to Anodea Judith whom I have long views as a western authority on chakras has tourquoise, aquamarine and celestite as minerals linked to the throat chakra.

So … I love blue but not in the winter. Below my library where I spend much time.

words of clarity reach into the night – blue cornflower

NaHaiWriMo May 18th Haiga and Haiku prompt: Mirror (self-reflection).

feeling frustration and anger – calmness in an old mirror

This photo was taken in “Barranco” a fascinating and wonderful old section of Lima, Peru. It was a day filled with exploration and satisfaction, beauty and and wonder. I love the idea of “reflection” anywhere from anything. And I love mirrors. This is just one photo I took that day. It is of me. So what? Well, I have now spent so very much time attempting to make this a “haiga” by placing my haiku into a text box into the photo. I have gotten no where with this and I am so frustrated that I am not capable of zen … or real haiku. Ugh! so, there it is.