The Outer Banks

Wow what an incredible prompt this is for me coming from M. Bednar at An Imaginary Garden With Real Toads! Thank you so very much! It is truly my favorite place on earth. I would like to move there. But I do not think that this will ever happen.

I just wrote one poem for Mary’s prompt at dVerse so there is not a lot of poem left in me right now. But, if a picture can speak a thousand words, maybe they can be considered poetry. Following are numerous photos from trips over the years to the Outer Banks – and a haiku.

salty summer air
pelicans over water
beaks dipping for fish

Clouds haikuDSC_0029-4DSC_0049-4DSC_0055DSCN2736Gull Over WaterOBX-2007-4OBX-2007-5Sunset-2012