Occupy Blogosphere Thursday – October 18th 2012

Sometimes you are led to just the right place. That happened to me today when I opened my email and saw an email from
from Sherry that took me to her blog Star Dreaming With Sherry Blue Sky. I read a beautiful Wolf – Wild Woman poem that in turn led me to a site that I knew that I was meant to see. Sometimes things just work out to perfection.

The painting that Sherry used in her poem also comes from the site and prints of it are for sale. But, I can no longer access it on the site. It simply may be overloaded WiFi as it is night time. It is beautiful.

The site is The Manataka American Indian Council to be found here. While perusing the site I found an article by a 16 year old that amazed me. A 16 year old! It can be found here I am still amazed by this very young man. His article also begins with a magnificent painting titled Reconciliation as is the article itself.

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