Move Update

We had the nicest inspector. He pointed out to us that the builder who renovated this place did so with the very best of materials seven years ago, showing us the exposed copper and cast iron piping. So what now? I do believe that we are just waiting for the owner to move out his belongings. Actually he has a renter in there and he lives in the Carolinas. I truly hope to move in mid-April. Well, that isn’t true, I would like to move tomorrow. Currently I am taking bids from movers. It is amazing the quality of bids that I am receiving. I am taking three. The first was 100% in depth and thorough. The second seemed to forget that we wanted to know at least 1/2 of the things that I had asked for. We await the third. We expect each to be the same price. I am really just sizing up the movers. Below are some photos. Please understand that the photos are of the unit with the owners goods within it. Somehow as I entered the photos – I REALLY SCREWD UP! So – I love my new closet. Then I forget what comes. We have a great deck with a marble fountain – what comes next?



The above photo is of the outside of our building. Had we purchased a condo anywhere but downtown we would have had a doorman – something that I wanted. But downtown lofts are a different story altogether. Also, downtown is very youthful. And needless to say one’s condo fee does not include monies to pay for a doorman. I believe that there are 52 units in this building. We are on the 7th floor with a penthouse unit that has the only deck. We are in the back – not the front.


The front door – we have artwork to place in this space.


The back wall of the kitchen, there are two side walls also.


A way too dark photo (having been made as light as possible) of some of the great room.