Occupy Blogosphere Thursday – February 7th 2013

It isn’t just prayer that I have been giving considerable thought too lately. I have also been thinking about the word intention. It is a word bandied about a good bit in spiritual circles lately. So what is intention? Do you think about intention? How important is intention within your life? Does it underscore all that you do? Or is intention something to which you give little thought? If it is important, what do you do with it? How does it work within your life?

I find that intention carries great strength and great weight. I would go so far as to say that intention is everything. I find that the concept of intention is so powerful that it precedes prayer. I think that it may precede all that we do. I believe it to be so powerful that perhaps intention is prayer. Intention lives in the heart and spirit, or perhaps where the two meet. But it originates in the mind. I would ask is intention the seed of all thought that becomes manifest?

Intention is a popular subject now. My reading of intention is pretty much done on the Internet. There are numerous sites that are geared towards the human spirit. Accessing information can come at great expense but it need not. I often wonder when at a site, what is the intention here? Is it to share great knowledge or is it to make gobs of money? When spirituality becomes slick, well it is no longer spiritual is it? And money can make it very slick. I said can, I did not say does. I am a great believer in “a days work, a days pay.” As intention lives within the heart, one ought know intuitively when one runs across slick spirituality. I studied and practice shamanism. I did this with an authentic shaman and twice I paid about $150. No, I took no $10,000 cruise to any exotic land for my studies. Long after my studies I went to Machu Picchu as a tourist. I did spend a morning at Machu Picchu doing ceremony with a Peruvian shaman at a small extra cost. I have a tendency to believe that spirituality and healing should not come with a hefty price tag. As I said I believe in a days work, a days pay, but not extortion.

I have never been allowed a teacher or guru or any other prophet like person to guide me. I say this because when young in my journey I would ask for one. I have always had to learn everything on my own. This makes for serious self dependence and even more serious intention.

I will share a story of intention. I have said something for a very long time, something that has offended a few as if it were directed at them, when in reality I was speaking only of myself. I used to speak of my strength and my will when it came to this conversation. This morning I realized that my will and strength had less to do with it than intention.

I come from a long heritage of mental illness. Within my immediate family there were two persons who were/are bipolar, one who is a sociopath and one who was so deeply depressed that he went to bed around his 82nd year, stopped speaking and never got up again. He lived like this for 7 years. This is not about my childhood that needless to say was ghastly. No, this is about the formation very early on of intention. I knew at a young age that I had to escape this familial habit of mental illness. I also knew that it sat next to me always ready to knock upon my door. I knew that I also wanted no part of it … and I fought long and hard to that end. I used to think early on that it was my strength and my will. Today I know that it was my intention. The seeds were planted at a young age. But it was not until I came face to face with God that the whole seed of intention was planted. Since that time it has been nurtured assiduously.

So I will ask you the questions again. What place does intention play in your life? How important is intention? What does intention mean to you?

I love the following YouTube Video. I hope that you too enjoy it.

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Occupy Blogosphere January 24th, 2013

I have a question for you. Well, actually I have several questions. What is prayer? How do you pray? What are you attempting to do? Are you doing it right? What are you trying to accomplish? Are you wasting your time? Does it do any good?

My Prayer Hands, Credit: Photobucket

These are peculiar questions coming from one who used to pray in the traditional sense rather a good bit. During those times of prayer I was attempting to pray for someone or something, I had a goal and prayed for that goal. Because of my relationship with God at that time I would attempt to pray for the things that I believed God wished me to pray. This was a bit like attempting to know God’s mind. The easiest prayer time was when I was a young girl before I turned fifteen and left the Catholic Church. That act just happened to coincide with Vatican 2. As a young Catholic I just said my Hail Mary’s and whatever else was prescribed at confession and that was it. Job done. Of course everything in those days was in Latin. This did not create much of a sense of spiritual understanding or commitment within me. There was definitely something “missing.” And so my path began at quite a young age.

I have had two significant spiritual experiences each of which radically changed my life. After the second experience in 2005 I found myself online in a writing forum. This was a site where ideas were traded, stories told or politics discussed among other things. I saw that there were often two opposing sides especially during an election. The loudly professed Christians were a wild bunch. Truth be told I have never experienced or seen so much vitriol and pure hatred come from anyone towards others as I saw coming from them. I had spent many years working with those who had AIDS/HIV. This was the most rewarding work that I have ever done and I shared stories about the work. It was also something that these Christians did not like at all. These experiences had a very unsettling effect on me. I stopped referring to myself as Christian. At that time my prayer life radically changed. I am the sort of person who engages 150% and then I need a break, I am grateful God has always accepted that in me, understanding I guess, that I was tired and worn out.

I have been fascinated by the spiritual disciplines of the world for a long time. I have studied them much of my life. As a result I pretty much view religions as languages that God has given to different cultures as a means of communication between God and the culture. Meant to be languages of love they have too often become tools of war. The aspect of each discipline that held my attention was always about healing. Thus I have studied healing techniques from across the globe. I found shamanism to be the most interesting of these disciplines. It is the oldest system of healing in existence. I was prompted into formal studies of shamanism. It is a fifty thousand year old system of healing with the same techniques practiced in Lapland that are practiced within Amazonian indigenous cultures, North American indigenous cultures and around the world. They are techniques that work. Could they be a form of prayer? Is healing a form of prayer? Surely one is involved in healing because they care for others.

Many formal and scientific studies have been executed in medical settings measuring the effects of prayer upon patients. These studies can be fallible as the groups of patients who are not prayed for by study prayerists (my word) may be prayed for by family members oceans away when they were not to be receiving prayers. This is not something that could be controlled within the control group. There are studies that show prayer to be beneficial. But there are studies that show prayer not to be beneficial at all and found at times to appear to be detrimental.

I have come to believe that prayer is the channeling of love or loving energy from yourself to another or the channeling of Gods love through you to another. And I mean this literally. When in prayer I used to put my hands together. A bit later in my spiritual journey I held them upward, I think to receive energy from God. Today, I rub my hands together generating energy and then channel it to another.

Is this prayer? I don’t know. But for me at this time it is. So what is prayer to you and how do you do it?

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Occupy Blogosphere 2013 January Sixteenth

I have been given a job to do this year a New Year’s Resolution. It is a bit lofty. I am meant to love the world this year, quite actively. The hatred level is high right now in the USA. I find it discouraging, but I do not allow it to discourage me. The level is dangerous. But I will forge ahead for it can be done. I have since January 1st, needed to be reminded twice of my new job. And I really am working on it. The picture below was my first reminder. Shakti Ghosal’s article was my second reminder. I give you a link below to his article.


When I link the credit for the photo above, the link won’t show up. I suspect that this because it is a Facebook page. I found the photo without real credit at a group on Facebook called “Stop Workplace Bullies.”

Love is the only real way to make progress in this world … love of self, love of family members, love of society, love of all, if we wish to advance, into 5th Dimensional Energy. So thanks to Soul Dipper for bringing me to that realization before the end of 2012. Then thanks to Shakti Ghosal for bringing me back to my goal with his spectacular article: Connecticut – Delhi – Hooponono

I had wished to “Reblog” the article but I had technical difficulty Shakti has a wonderful spirit that reaches into the heart of others. He is one of great wisdom and love for mankind. I feel greatly honored to have found his blog. Please read the article. It will bless you.

Occupy Blogosphere – Thursday October 11, 2012

Sometimes all it takes is seeing the positivity of another to bring back to the surface of ones own soul his or her own positive side.

100 Thousand Poets for Change is an organization filled with positive energy that stretches around the world. Today it includes musicians.

I had lost this information due to a computer glitch and thus I had forgotten about the site. I am lucky enough to be connected to another poet here in my own town who is a part of 100 Thousand Poets for Change. Her blog moonbridgebooks is a blog filled with among other things helpful information for those who write. Her blog can be found here.

There is another blog that I have discovered that is filled with beauty and wisdom that I wish to pass along to anyone searching for either. The blog is called: GinGetz

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Occupy Blogosphere, Thursday September 27th 2012 – Willingness

Political season comes along and any discord within me seems to bubble up to the surface all aimed as hatred at the Republican Party and their candidates.

I have very eloquently and articulately insulted half the United States in the past month or two with snide comments upon Face book. So apparently I have used the heart for purposes of hate rather than love.

I believe it to be sinful to use your heart for hatred. Some of those people, at whom I aimed my political ire are people who have been constant here in my life. Constant. That means that they have been caring, loyal and never wavering. So, I have hurled insults and hatred into the faces of people who have cared about me. I am sorry for having done that. I have had a slight shift in thinking of late. Gratefully that shift in thinking came to me about 10 days ago, so that I could stop my political nonsense and use the heart for what it was meant for, a tool of love.

This is one of those times for me to refocus and move my focus one millionth of an inch to the right or left, up or down in order to see more clearly and to think differently. It is time for me to change or to shape shift as it is known in indigenous cultures. It is time to take control, time to take back my power, time to view the world through a loving lens instead of a hateful one. And believe it or not it is easier than you might think. One simply needs to be willing. Just one millionth of an inch … that is how long willingness is. Being willing to change is half the battle. Being willing is an act of one’s will. The change you desire to make will follow by the grace of spirit.

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Occupy Blogosphere Thursday September 12th 2012 – Sometimes


When seeking knowledge and/or wisdom please remember that you have your own wisdom specific to you.  If that wisdom is not coming through, all you need to do is to move a millionth of a degree in how you observe things and that wisdom will come through to you.
This wisdom may well be given through another.  When you hear the words of that other speaking, you may hear a litany of wisdom, things you know to be inherently true … but it may feel too big for you.  Please understand that one of two things is happening.  One, all of that wisdom is meant for you and you are meant only to act upon pieces of it at one time.  Or, only pieces of it are meant for you.  You will know exactly what pieces are meant for you.  Those pieces that touch your heart are the pieces of wisdom upon which you are meant to act.  If you are having difficulty knowing simply ask the divine spirit “which pieces?”
The heart always knows.  The heart will always choose love for that is what the heart is made of and that is the focus and expression of the heart.  The heart knows where to go.  It knows no confusion.  The intellect is different.  It does know confusion partially because it deals in facts and there are so many facts out there.  So let me say to you that when seeking knowledge and wisdom … put aside the intellect when you listen and listen only with your heart … your heart will hear exactly what it is meant to hear.
It you are searching because you wish for change in your life, the change will come when you act upon the wisdom given to you.  This is because you have the power and now the knowledge to change.  All change is done through loving change within one’s own heart.
Thus when you are willing to change how you see things within your live (by just a millionth of a degree) you will see things differently and you will be able to change from within … changing the world itself through the power of your love which is divine.
This is how people together can change the world … the world that appears to be unchangeable.  When many people know this and work to change the world through love, divine love, loving prayer together, change happens.
From 5thDimension EnergyPhoto Credit:Connected to Occupy Blogospere – Soul Dipper