i am here mam



over here, i am here
mam, over here
mam, i am in trouble

you know, that if i were
at a party
say, it was your party

and you said to me hey
pick a cartoon
lucky for you it was

a Peanuts character
so i did so
and I so loved her

right on, she is so much
just like me. the
last few years with hair

flying every which way
a metaphor
for being all mixed

up up up, up up up
and away oh
yes, far, so far away


OK – I am not sure if I am getting it right yet, but truly, I am trying.  It has been just so darn long since I wrote.  And/or linked to anything, well you get my drift.  I hope.  This is meant to be the response to a prompt at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads here in less than 100 words.  Funny, I am known for “not loving” cartoons at all.  But Peanuts?  That is different – yep, I love Peanuts.  So thank you so much – this was fun.  The real trouble is I cannot remember the name of this girl.  And I have been scouring the internet.  Guess it does not matter, someone will tell me.

Why do I feel like her?  Well I have just been kind of lost for the last 3 years.  Now I am found – I think.