Titum Arum

Shared at Imaginary Garden With Real Toads … challenge: The Language of Flowers.

This outrageous plant known as the Corpse Flower is rare, large and smells horrific, like a corpse. The Missouri Botanical Garden of world renown, due primarily to their research around the globe, is a treasure here in my city of St Louis. Although I did not see the actual blooming of this plant just recently – it surely does inspire! None of the photos were taken by me, they belong to The Missouri Botanical Garden website. But permissions appear to allow for private use. So with difficulty I downloaded them – the difficulty being that they kept changing. PLEASE go to their site and see this extraordinary plant. Here is the link:



scintillating bloom
you reek your way thru our lives
at once so lovely





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Sunday Trees – With Heron

Just the idea today of Sunday Trees begun by Isabel, carried on at times by myself and carried on faithfully by Becca, makes me feel good ,,, a part of the world and those who care about it. This is not the first Bald Cypress from Forest Park that I have used as a Sunday Tree and it won’t be the last.

Trees are so important to our lives for so very many reasons. Not the least of which is they show us the beauty that can be found in God’s Glory. Below is a Black Crowned Night Heron sitting one summer not long ago in a Bald Cypress in Forest Park. Trees have always made me so very happy … my entire life.

NaHaiWriMo May 19th Haiga and Haiku prompt: Blue … as in chakra blue.

I love blue. In the summer I wear blues and whites. Many rooms in my home are painted a blue. My library below is blue … it is my favorite place to be. I always feel soothed here. One’s throat chakra is the color blue … one speaks from the throat chakra, hopefully with clarity and good intent. This chakra according to Anodea Judith whom I have long views as a western authority on chakras has tourquoise, aquamarine and celestite as minerals linked to the throat chakra.

So … I love blue but not in the winter. Below my library where I spend much time.

words of clarity reach into the night – blue cornflower

NaHaiWriMo May 18th Haiga and Haiku prompt: Mirror (self-reflection).

feeling frustration and anger – calmness in an old mirror

This photo was taken in “Barranco” a fascinating and wonderful old section of Lima, Peru. It was a day filled with exploration and satisfaction, beauty and and wonder. I love the idea of “reflection” anywhere from anything. And I love mirrors. This is just one photo I took that day. It is of me. So what? Well, I have now spent so very much time attempting to make this a “haiga” by placing my haiku into a text box into the photo. I have gotten no where with this and I am so frustrated that I am not capable of zen … or real haiku. Ugh! so, there it is.