I have neither blogged nor written poetry for good bit now. And I cannot tell you why. I hope that everyone has a splendid 2014. Remi came into my life a couple of weeks ago. This was a choice, I asked Remi to join me. For some reason when my father died in 2003 I found and purchased several, beautiful, handmade Teddy Bears. Why did I capitalize those two words? Perhaps it is a sign of their importance to me. This past December I purchased two more, I simply love what they represent to me, all of which can be found in the tags.

The holidays have come and gone
Our visitors have left
Loneliness has settled in

I knew that loneliness was unfounded
And sorrow just wasn’t real
But I longed for someone

Then I saw his face online
He was beautiful
It love at first sight

Now he has come to live with me
Filling my heart with joy
We play together having teddy bear teas

He arrived from Holland
His mother is an artist
Remi is my sweetness

Rasa his mother has asked me to write
Write about her teddys
Give them a voice

I am excited about that
Remi has many stories of his mother
I think that is where we shall start


Remi – sitting upon my desk.

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Bear Shop Artist’s Credit: Rasa’s Cozy Corner