a pleasure

. . . . . I saw an old friend
his words have been missed
like glass bells tinkling
his words awoke my day. . . . .



At one time I had the wonderful habit of writing haiku for NaHaiWriMo, one per day on Facebook. I have not been writing, in great part as fallout to my move. Something tells me that I nee to begin somewhere. And this is August first, really? That is hard to believe. And I might add that having abandoned the habit of haiku, well, it does not come easily, not at all.

early morning dew
limitless source for earths
smallest ones

Christmas Morning

there were only
two places,
first and last
it didn’t
matter now.

it was
Eve and time
for “The Night
Before Christmas.”

I was
so excited.
I was so very
happy but anxious.
Late that night
I became ill.

didn’t mind
a whit. I looked
Under the tree,
there they were.

Not just
a new pair of
skis but a
new pair of special
skis for me.
I was ten.

I went back
and I was sick
I threw up
my dinner, I
was so excited.

A new pair
of Kastle Skis
the best skis
Was there a
Santa Claus? No,
but it felt like it.

My dream
had come true.
When I raced
now maybe my
skis would
win for me.

I felt
so proud that
day. I felt
loved, it was
a great
day for me.

Love …

This is shared with Poets United for their Mid Week Motif for which I have never written. I guess that I must think that it is time to mix it up a bit. That Motif is love. Love in fourteen lines.

I have been
in love
my man is
no not god like
I have been
lucky in love
for he has
all mine.

I realize that this is a poem of exceptional silliness. But love is not silly. It is something hard to come by. It is often something that comes only after significant personal change. The first time that I walked into love I was a very youthful nineteen. That rather dreadful experience lasted seven long years. I was sensible enough to know that if I wished for the real thing to grace my life I had a lot of changing to do. It took me five years, perhaps because I did it on my own with God’s help, but I did it. Today I have been married (wait, I must now count it) thirty two years. I am very lucky, I married my best friend of five years and we are still best friends. So a silly poem for a not so silly love.

Raven Realized

Big Boy

Yes, I did. I realized that I have made some really special friends here. Actually I realized this as I was commenting upon a poem (a great poem) of Claudia’s. I also realized that if I get busy and do not have time to write, but only read, some may worry about me. Thus it would not be fair to just kind of disappear into the sunset, read when I have the time and not write without saying something. So, this week I am preparing for someone to come back and look at the house a second time and perhaps buy it. If not, I won’t be terribly busy next week. But, if they wish to buy the house and if we wish to sell, well, then I shall be really, ready to buy. Well, you get my drift. I am 67, D is 60, we have 3 floors and now wish to live on one floor. We weren’t going to do this right away, but the opportunity presented itself. I believe that we have a house that will be hard to sell (no garage and no place to build one). We are old New Yorkers, so this never bothered us. But this is St Louis and it will bother others! So, my good friends, I am just fine, as I hope that you each are! I might visit but I shan’t write!




At My Window

Looking out my window and seeing what I see. Shanyn asks us to do just that for a poetry prompt. After doing so, I could not help but be reminded of of a time several years ago when I looked out my window to be blessed with an owl.


Owls keep their distance from mankind being ever vigilant of all around them. This day was different. This Eastern Screech Owl provided one of the loveliest sites ever seen through a window. Belying his natural instincts he lands upon a window sill with just a pain of glass between him and humanity. He remained there for some time allowing numerous photos to be taken before flying off for a new perch.

nestling amongst the leaves – offers protection to many

Owl in TreeOne EyeHead On
Looking DownEastern Screech Side-2

Shanyn at dVerse thank you for a thoughtful post that after looking out my window, reminded me of looking out my window and capturing this little guy.

Posted too at Poets United’s Sunday Poetry Pantry and dVerse

So …..

I have not actually been technically hacked … nonetheless I feel as though I have been hacked, spammed, whatever. My private space has been invaded in an uninvited manner. As a result I am going to close this blog and develop a new blog. I will get in touch with you when it is done. I will use a pseudonym. If Thanksgiving comes first – may you have a very Happy Thanksgiving. Liz

Personal Armor

Today in the NYT Kathy Horn writes an article about Jacqueline Kennedy. Part way through the article she writes the following paragraph:

“That Mrs. Kennedy is so closely linked to an item of clothing is fitting. In nearly three years as first lady, she had gained universal celebrity for her youthful style. Politically, it meant huge crowds whenever she accompanied the president. But for Mrs. Kennedy, who felt vulnerable, fashion gave her a sense of separation from the public’s gaze. It was armor.”

Wow, I didn’t have to think about that for one moment to identify. First, the President’s assassination will forever mark my generation’s coming of age. There are tears today filling my eyes. My parents hated him, they hated her and all of the Kennedy’s. Can you say East Coast Republicans? Yeah very right wing in the classist sense. Today I still love them and in part it is because they represent my generation although they were of another. And I have long had much admiration for Jackie. She did much good within her lifetime. I am a big believer in philanthropy. My parents saw her as “one of those do gooders and the Kennedys as shantie Irish. What the hell does that mean? And then OMG I married a Jew. My family never met my in-laws. Of course I personaly know that all of that snobbism was just a coverup for agoraphobia. She was dominant in the family and he just followed suit.

I left this post and was going to come back to finish later. But I see that I hit the “Publish Button.” OMG! There is a comment … OK. the points that I wished to make were:

1. My mother and father were deeply affected by WWII. He served on the ground in Europe and she served in London during the Blitz while working for the OWI. They did not know each other at that time.

2. Armor – I totally relate to Jackie Kennedy’s use of clothing as armor! I have done this since I was a about 15 years of age.

Well … that’s it. Not too poetic here … except for the act itself of wearing clothing as armor.