Haiku for Magpie Tales # 128.

I have been away and not writing, keeping my hand in the game by reading some of my favorite poets here upon the Internet.  Sometimes I get caught up in the cycle of writing … reading, reading, reading and writing.  Even though it is a definite cycle, it often feels incomplete and unrewarding because one feels stressed and pressed to get around to everyone.  However, while away, treating myself to “no writing” I was able to read and digest with leisure.  Of course that old guilt crept in because I was not doing my one haiku a day.  however a walk to the ocean quickly washed that away.

Image by Zelko Nedic – poetry prompt at Magpie Tales.

Today at Magpie Tales we are inspired by what appears to be a faithful “Black Lab.”  The Lab looks on intently at whom I presume to be his master, nearby a potted plant empty of its leaves.  The dog’s master is a working man.  There are above the man’s head what appear to be two ghostly hands creating a halo of light.  There are words ( “HANDS WE WILL” ) written on the background barely discernible and words written upon the masters apron, unreadable.  The dog is waiting upon his master who looks intently into the dog’s eyes.  I know nothing of this painting, but flowing from it is a sense of goodness, a sense of trust and waiting.

I chose today to write three haiku, unrelated, each a different take upon the painting.  Currently most of this country is experiencing a deep drought. We are no different here in St. Louis.  We are however experiencing a gentle rain; oh how I hope that it lasts.  For those unfamiliar with haiku, something I have been studying this past year, I do not write 5 – 7 – 5 haiku.  I attempt to always use a “kigo” or seasonal word.  In the following haiku the seasonal words (all summer kigo) are: 1 = drought, 2 = midsummer rain, 3 = midsummer darkness.

leafless plant deep drought – he walks with me

midsummer rain falling gently on the pavement – black dog

midsummer darkness – waiting patiently for his walk

Haiku associated with Magpie Tails # 128 found here.